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Summerset at Frick Park

Summerset at Frick Park

Building upon The Rubinoff Company’s legacy of innovative developments, Summerset at Frick Park, the largest residential development in the City of Pittsburgh since WWII, is a new urban residential development that feels like a traditional Pittsburgh neighborhood. The site upon which this neotraditional neighborhood is located, was formerly heaped with slag, an industrial waste product of steel processing. The Rubinoff Company’s investment in the land was instrumental in open space and a stream reclamation, which includes a 100-acre extension of Frick Park. In addition to the funds supplied to the Nine Mile Run restoration, the development of Summerset at Frick Park has leveraged federal and local government investment in infrastructure and environmental cleanup, making the area safe for living and recreation.

Summerset marks the completion of the cultural evolution of the site. The beautiful urban streetscape of Summerset at Frick Park is spectacularly enhanced by its positioning in the midst of a restored 550 acre Frick Park. While steeped in the area’s historic architectural legacy, Summerset at Frick Park homes include the latest technologies, providing for optimum energy efficiency. Trails, parks and river views—as well as convenient retail amenities and ample activity space—compliment the highly desirable development.

Summerset at Frick Park is in its second of three development phases that will expand the community to include approximately 710 homes. Each phase will include parklets, trails connecting to Frick Park and access to the Nine Mile Run stream.

The Rubinoff Company is a Certified Woman Business Enterprise.