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Caryn B Rubinoff

Pete Mahoney
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Richard K. Rubinoff
About Rubinoff

Richard K. Rubinoff, Founder
Richard (Dick) Rubinoff has been active in real estate in the Pittsburgh area for over 40 years. After directing real estate activities for one of the City¡¯s major developers and property owners, he founded The Rubinoff Company in 1983 to invest in, develop, and manage commercial and light industrial real estate properties in Southwestern Pennsylvania.

In the 1980s, Mr. Rubinoff pioneered the structuring of tenant investor development in the Pittsburgh area. Using the structure, he built several medical office buildings and rehabilitated a downtown office building. In the 1990s, The Rubinoff Company took a leadership role in the redevelopment of post industrial brownfields sites on Pittsburgh¡¯s riverfronts, transforming abandoned, polluted sites into tax generating, scenic, in-demand developments.

Mr. Rubinoff¡¯s long-term real estate investment strategy and the emphasis on the creation of future value, has resulted in The Rubinoff Company¡¯s reputation for quality, sustainable projects. Since The Rubinoff Company¡¯s founding, its portfolio has grown to include over 2 million square feet of commercial, office, flex, medical, light industrial and residential properties.

In 1996, Mr. Rubinoff convinced daughter Caryn Rubinoff to join the team and add her real estate and legal expertise to the mix. In 2006, Mr. Rubinoff retired, turning over the reins to Caryn and her husband, Craig Dunham, to continue the tradition.